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Fresh meat

Currently, UAB Krekenavos agrofirma is the largest fresh meat supplier in Lithuania, occupying almost a third of the country’s fresh meat market. Many of our fresh meat products are exported to Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Poland, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Hungary.


  • Pork carcasses (categories S, E, U);
  • Beef carcasses (of various age, leanness and fat content)
  • Chilled and frozen cut meat (pork, beef);
  • Offal (pork, beef)

Modern high-performance equipment enables the company to promptly package and provide large quantities of high quality cut meat and products to customers and end consumers. Various chilled meat packaging methods are available: both small 200g – 500g modified atmosphere packaging for end consumers, and vacuum packaging from 0.5 up to 10 kg.  We are able to produce an average of around 100 tons of fresh meat and its precooked products per day.


Technologies and innovations

We are not only one of the largest meat producers in Lithuania, but we are also the leaders in selecting innovative meat processing and product realization solutions. On 15 February 2016, we have installed a new modern high-class fresh meat vacuum packaging machine Ishida Europe QX-300 Flex. The special technology and possibilities of the machine enable us to provide top-quality fresh and aged meat.   Currently we are able to offer our customers and consumers aged beef entrecote tenderloin, ham, T-bone and tenderloin. Beef is aged for 21 days and later vacuumed into special skin packaging. The technology of the meat packaging machine helps us prepare even-sized pieces of meat, which is particularly important for our country’s restaurants, cafes and hotels where food is prepared in appropriate proportions. Moreover, this specifically packaged beef can be prepared much faster and easier – same-sized pieces of meat cook evenly, which is particularly important for top-class cooking professionals working according to the highest level standards. After the meat is thermally processed, it becomes tender and juicy, while the aesthetic appearance of its packaging creates an added value. Moreover, meat packaging provides the highest level of protection, helps maintain the good qualities of aged beef, minimizes fluid secretion and prolongs shelf-life (storage conditions: 0-+6 ºC), while the snugly fitting vacuum helps to see the meat tissue structure particularly clearly. All of this emphasises the visual appeal of meat. Our products are unique and developed according to the latest packaging and production trends.   Currently, our equipment and its technical possibilities help us have an advantage among other meat producers and suppliers. Our customers and consumers will soon be able to purchase our fresh aged vacuum-packed beef meat.



We put a lot of effort in providing all our customers with high-quality products within the agreed period of time. We are continuously developing and improving our vehicle fleet, therefore we are currently able to transport around 2.800.000 kg/month. We transport fresh, chilled and frozen meat and meat products according to the relevant regulatory legislation requirements and special thermal modes. Our company’s standards comply with the  Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage, therefore our special transportation conditions enable us to ensure the safe and professional delivery of products. The average order size is 100kg. Currently the company’s vehicle fleet consists of: – 10 units of 2/4/8 pallet capacity vehicles; – 25 units of 12/14/18 pallet capacity vehicles; – 3 units of 33 pallet capacity vehicles with temperature modes (-18 ºC; +2 ºC  – +6 ºC) Orders are carried out within 12/24 hours from their supply to retail chain stores and central warehouses, independent market stores HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes), gas stations, public authorities and other delivery points. We also have professional and reliable cargo transportation equipment and a well prepared team of drivers. We carry out an average of 20.000 orders per month.