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Pulled meat products

Meat products are well known throughout the world as “Pulled beef” and “Pulled pork”. During production, vacuum-packed meat is cooked in low temperature for about 12 hours. After this process, meat becomes very soft, juicy and easily “pulled” into separate fibres. “Pulled” meat can be used for salad, pizza, as a filling for crepes or lavash wraps, with pasta or with any other preferred garnish. Such “pulled” meat can also be prepared at home, however, the meat marinating process, preparation and cooking would require a lot of time. Today, there is no need to bother preparing it yourself, as there are new “Krekenavos” products available – pre-cooked “Pulled beef” and “Pulled pork”. All that remains is to bake this meat in the oven or simply heat it in your microwave.


“Pulled beef” and “Pulled pork” can be used:

  • as a separate dish with fried potatoes,  vegetables or any other preferred garnish.
  • as a filling for crepes, lavash and tortilla wraps.
  • for lasagne or casserole with pasta or rice.
  • as a salad filling or ingredient for burgers and pizzas.