SPAUSKITEnorėdami aplankyti Krekenavos ekskursiją!
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Meaty products

“Meaty” – Top quality beef, chicken and pork products with exceptionally high meat content. The products include cooked, hot smoked and dried sausages.  Technologists of AB “Krekenavos agrofirma” developed as many as 20 different top quality products. Cooked “Meaty” sausages contain as much as 97 % of pure meat (only pure pork ham meat is used).  The products can be distinguished by their solid consistency, pleasant, exceptional taste, juiciness and aroma, as well as convenient green packages of uniform design. We are probably the only meat producer who listened to the needs of its customers and found a solution on how to preserve the highest possible meat content in different products. We aim to provide our customers with products of the highest possible quality and best nutritional value!